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Making a Difference

“Making A Difference”


Dr. Bill Busch
Founded the organization “TeamSmile”, they provide free oral health education, screening and treatment for children who might not otherwise receive it.


For TeamSmile’s website, please click here.


Betty Chinn
Betty Chinn is a woman who exemplifies how one person can touch the lives of hundreds of people whom the rest of the world has forgotten. Her purpose is sizmple: to show the homeless love, comfort and basic humanity. Betty drives through Los Angeles everyday morning and night and provides food and comfort for hundreds of the homeless.


For Betty Chinn’s website, please click here.


Jane Goodall
Founder of the “Roots and Shoots” organization, she is a world leader and new voice in redefining the relationship between humans and animals.


For Roots and Shoots’ website, please click here.


Laura Gowen
As founder of “National Scoliosis Foundation”, she helped establish mandatory screening of school children in 22 states and has educated tens of thousands of families who have a child facing the complex issues of this spinal deformity.


For the National Scoliosis Foundation’s website, please click here.


Dave Heim
Dave is known as “The Wheelchair Recycler”. He was inspired by his own personal tragedy that left him paralyzed, to collect; refurbish and re-issue used power wheelchairs at little or no expense to the new user, thus making this essential equipment available to some many that would never have the opportunity otherwise.


For the Wheelchair Recycler’s website, please click here.


Paul Newman
Establishing the “Newman’s Own” Foundation, Paul Newman built a retail product line that donates 100% of the profit to those in need. To date, $300 million has been raised for thousands of charities around the world.


For “Newman’s Own” Foundation’s website, please click here.


Agnes Stevens
Founded “School on Wheels”, a one-on-one mobile tutoring program that has reached hundreds and hundreds of homeless children over the years.


For the School on Wheels’ website, please click here.


Dorothy Stoneman
As founder of “YouthBuild USA”, she developed a youth and community development program that simultaneously addresses core issues facing low-income communities: housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development. Since 1994, 92,000 YouthBuild students have built 19,000 units of affordable, increasingly green housing.


For YouthBuild USA’s website, please click here.


Fay Chandler
Artist Fay Chandler’s generosity is based on the belief that everyone should have art in their lives. She founded the Art Connection as a way to get work by donor artists and collectors onto the walls of community service organizations. Fay sold or donated 400 pieces with all the money raised given to non-profit organizations. The Art Connection has donated 5000 works of art to 300 non-profits.


For the Art Connection website, please click here.

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