USA – Jeff Shimek

Jeff Shimek


I am 47 years old and have been a Firefighter for the city of Austin, Tx. for 26 years. I do not have a web page to show my work. I started doing life casts when I was 10 years old. My only interest then was to have a cast of my face to sculpt on. I was very interested in the process of mask making. Later on, I met a plastic surgeon here in Austin who eventually asked me to sculpt a calf implant for a patient of his who had one leg effected by Polio. I did a life cast of both legs and then created the model for the implant to match the good leg. I have done several calves and several pectorals. Some people are born with out a pec muscle on one side. Once again I had to do a life cast to have something to sculpt on. Several years ago I became interested in life casting for the art that it was and cast several different body parts for friends and relatives. All of this led me to the life cast I am sending you photos of today. This is a friend and his one month old son. First off I did not cast the baby's face. I am sending photos to show the sculpt I did of the face I added later.

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