Facility Plan

Holocaust Life Cast Gallery
The “Holocaust Survivors” Gallery
The “Holocaust Survivors” Gallery will be a room devoted to presenting the life masks and interviews of Holocaust Survivors. It is designed to permanently house the twenty-year effort of Robert Sutz, who personally interviewed (on video) and made life masks of, many Holocaust survivors, from different areas of the U.S. The surrounding walls of this room will be devoted to Mr. Sutz’s work.
History Life Cast Museum
The Historical Gallery
The historical gallery includes plaster life and death masks of famous historical figures and visual support material. Duplicates of heads will be placed in front of exhibits to be touched by museum visitors, and copies of exhibits text will be available in Braille and oversized text for the visually impaired. A small three-tiered benched theatre will focus on multimedia presentations of these historical figures.
Entertainers Life Casting
The Entertainers Gallery
This gallery features life masks of motion picture actors. Actors work with make up and special effects departments to create life masks for various productions. These masks or life casts created from the molds taken directly from the faces or whole heads of the actor would be used as stand-ins for the long process to design make up, masks, wigs and other appendages that would eventually be applied to the actor for their film.
Nature Casting Gallery
The Nature Gallery
This gallery features resin castings of fossils, skeletons and footprints. A complete fossilized Ichthyosaur skeleton, the jaws of a great white shark and the skull of Super-croc will be displayed along side many other extinct, as well as present day creatures. All the rails lining the hall will showcase footprints of various creatures, ranging from a one-inch chipmunk track to a T-Rex footprint.
Fine Arts Life Casting Gallery
The Fine Arts Gallery
The Fine Arts Gallery highlights the extensive variety of body-casting art currently being produced by artists around the world. Examples of works are cast and or enhanced with wood, leather, glass, pewter, clay, wax, bronze or fiberglass. These pieces originated from the castings of heads, hands, legs and torsos to produce a wide variety of themes.
Making A Difference Gallery
The Making A Difference Gallery
The Making A Difference Gallery or the Hall of Recognition is designated space devoted to honoring local and national figures with their casts displayed along side the story of their accomplishments. People can be nominated through the museum web site or other means. The letter of nomination will be included in the display.
Life Cast Workshop Gallery
The Life Cast Workshop
This workshop is designed to be a separate, yet visually accessible through a large picture window. The workshop will include tables and benches for creating traditional plaster hand casts and space to create a traditional face cast. Museum visitors can watch a live workshop from seating placed outside the window or when there is no activity, can watch a video of a life cast being created on the monitor directly above the window.
Digital Life Cast
The Digital Workshop
The Digital workshop creates a safe laser scan of a museum visitors face. After the portrait is captured, it is transferred as a digital file to a 3D copier and reproduced into a resin life size face. The client will have the option of allowing the Museum to create a miniature bust of what they take home. The smaller version will line the walls of the front entrance. The goal is to eventually fill the lobby area walls with these miniatures.
Digital Theater
The Digital Theatre
This Theatre will show a wide variety of historical and biographical presentations. The theatre will hold approximately 60 people. At some point, an in-house project, “The History of Life Casts” will be shown on a daily basis.
Childrens Pin Screen
Children’s Interactive Exhibits
These exhibits will include: • A large pin-screen for making body/face impressions. • A shadow wall. • Tracing Windows. • Digital Mirror profiles of the face workstation. • Traditional hand casts molded in the workshop • Laser Crystal portraits in the special photo booth. • A daily contest to solve the mystery question.
The Lobby of face casts
The Lobby
The lobby walls will be lined with miniature face casts of museum visitors who have had their face cast in the Digital Workshop. The fountain known as “The Weeping Tree” will be in the center of the lobby consisting of a large tree trunk with life cast faces imbedded in the bark. The faces will release water through the eye ducts creating a weeping impression. The water will trickle down and gather at the bottom of the fountain.
The Gift Shop for Life Cast Museum
The Gift Shop
The gift shop will include full-size and miniature casts, hand casts, nature casts, kits for life casting, life casting books and DVDs, jewelry, t-shirts, and so much more.

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