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Help us make a life cast of World War II Medal of Honor recipient, George Sakato


Mission Statement
To bring visitors face to face with the wonder of history and the thrill of celebrity by providing a significant collection of life casts to foster knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of mankind's place in time and history.

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A Lasting Impression
At the age of twelve, during a visit to Washington, D.C., I was impressed by the towering, larger-than-life statues honoring our nation's history. Although nowhere near the scale of these monuments, one single object absorbed my total attention and made a lasting impression. This artifact, on display inside a small museum in Ford's Theatre, was a life cast made directly from the face of President Abraham Lincoln himself. Continue

Why A Museum
The initial thought of taking this private collection and displaying it as a museum came from the understanding that these artifacts have very tactile qualities and many of them can easily be duplicated due to the material they were created in. Copies allow a museum visitor to touch them. By incorporating touch copies with Braille and designing the space to be easily accessible for the visually impaired, … Continue

Why Are We Called The International Life Cast Museum
Although there are several private collections of life/death masks around the globe, there appears to be no other non-profit museum devoted to this art form. With a rich history dating back to Roman-Greco Era and the current undergrowth of artists working with this craft, we feel a sense of responsibility to promote the present and educate about the past. Continue

Help Us To Build The Museum
Everyone has the opportunity to help us to build this museum. From the nickels and dimes raised by school children looking to see history come alive, to the large sums donated by corporate sponsors seeking to give something back to the world community. Every donation both large and small will help us to build a home in which to permanently house this unique collection of historical and entertaining artifacts. Continue

Hyper-realistic lifecast by T.S.Kuebler

Help Us To Build The Museum
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