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 Post subject: Casting with Fiberglass
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:42 pm 

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I had a mold, reinforced the back and poured it full of plaster. It was way too heavy. I added a steel pole going through the center so that I could mount it onto something strong.

I was told to try layering. I was told it would only use a little bit of plaster if poured in layers with bandages. They said the whole process was repeated a couple of times, but I think I like the thought of maybe using fiberglass instead.

Can anyone run through that for me? Do I only use one layer or do I still use a couple like with plaster? ... and do I have to wait until it completely dries before I add the next layer?

 Post subject: Re: Casting with Fiberglass
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:18 pm 

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When I first started, I filled a mold full of Hydrostone, so I understand the weight problem you’re talking about. Being too thick doesn’t help the cast, so instead I tried adding some fiberglass mat to the mix. Hydrostone can’t be sloshed, so I stopped using it, and started using Hydrocal instead. It is easier to slosh it into the mold. Place bundles of wet fiberglass mat through the liquid into the mold and reinforce the places likely to snap when you take the molds apart. As the first batch takes a set, it had been equally sloshed into all parts of the mold and filled all the detail. For the 2nd layer, place many small amount of fiberglass mat into the bowl. Spread a thin layer of Hydrocal and place the fiberglass mat overlapping the 1st layer. Rub them down into the mold to get a smooth surface. Add a final layer to strengthen the edge and other places the statue will need strength. Before it sets, cut some galvanized wire to serve as the hanger. Add a small batch to wet the fiberglass and embed the curled wire ends to prevent them from later pulling off the cast.

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